High-quality living in the Nordics

Risteilijänranta residential concept combines the ease of luxury living with the vivid seaside surroundings. The large 6 room apartments, nearby services and stylish design make it a never before seen way of living that has also received the media's attention.

Luxury seaside residence

Risteilijänranta concept’s apartments are designed by a renowned architect to reflect the Scandinavian clean and minimalist style. Large windows, balconies on both sides, and a seaside view make it a place to strive for.

The residential concept ensures that everything necessary is maintained to the highest level. Enjoy this luxury yourself or invest and rent out while seeing the value of the property increase and the rent covers the costs.

A modern luxury kitchen
A spacious sauna and spa

Make it your own

By choosing from 4 different interior styles and making your own customized solutions, you’ll be able to make sure that it’s the home you want. By acting fast, you will also have a possibility to request additional customisations to your brand new residence.

The four styles reflect different aspects of the nature and surroundings of the area.

Unique amenities

In addition to the high-class apartments, the surroundings have been taken into consideration to make the living experience the best possible. As the property is next to sea and has a wide green area next to the shoreline, every apartment also has its very own mooring berth close to the apartment. In addition the patios have been designed for Nordic design jacuzzis for the summer days and evenings.

Children playing in the backyard while adults enjoy the jacuzzi
As Oy Risteilijänranta

Fresh seaside air and nature combined with vibrant culture

This unique residential concept is in Naantali - the jewel of the Nordics. The cultural city is located in the South-Western seaside of Finland. It encompasses the vibrant and beautiful Finnish nature, fresh seaside air, and the sun.

Naantali City center is just a walking distance from Risteilijänranta residential area and known for its vibrant seaside culture that attracts both Finnish and international visitors to this city.

The value of the area as a place to live and have a vacation has been known even before the latest development of the unique Risteiliänranta residential concept. The President of Finland has his summer residence Kultaranta close by and one can see the traditional Midsummer fest bonfire of the President from Risteilijänranta. You can also visit the Moominworld and meet Moomin characters only 10 minutes away from home.

In addition to this, the city hosts one of the best known spas in Finland. Risteilijänranta is a perfect addition to this high level of living standard.

Arrive with ease from anywhere in the world

Risteilijänranta is located within 20 minutes from Turku international airport that a connecting cross-continental flight can be taken from for example Hong Kong or Singapore. Take a red-eye and be in your new residence within 15 hours.

Upgrade your living with sea and land mobility packages

To help you get around and enjoy the most beautiful parts of Finland, we offer a chance to purchase packages that, in addition to the apartment, include a car and a boat. Both manufactured in Finland with the quality that only the Finnish design and engineering can provide. You can choose either of the packages to purchase with the apartment or both.

Land mobility package

Increase your quality of living with the brand new Mercedes-Benz GLC 2017. The German luxury compact 5-door SUV has been built in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

Sea mobility package

Take full advantage of the surrounding sea with the Finnish designed and build Grandezza boats. The 12.3 meter 12-person luxury vessel will take you to the seaside restaurant nearby or further a way, in moments.

Request further information

For additional information about the residential concept, please leave a request for a contact. Prebooking with an intent to purchase has already begun and some of the apartments have already been booked.

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